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The most common vehicle maintenance errors are also afraid of low-temperature op

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People in the car use and maintenance there are some misunderstanding, these misunderstandings in the low level of automobile manufacturing, repair means behind the lack of detection means of the long-term formation. These misunderstandings sometimes seem correct, it is not true, with great harm, will make the vehicle suffered losses, personal safety is threatened, and the greater may be buried by the accident, or cause vehicle performance degradation, Wear accelerated, shortened life and so on.
1. Remove the engine thermostat blindly
If the engine temperature is high and blindly remove the thermostat, the coolant can only be a large cycle, can not adjust the cooling intensity, it is difficult to ensure that the engine at a more appropriate temperature, but the engine is often working in a low temperature, resulting in engine power , Wear accelerated, fuel consumption increased. If the engine thermostat after troubleshooting or replacement, the engine temperature is high, it should be checked the rest of the cooling system, can not remove the thermostat.
2. The engine temperature is not afraid of low
Some people think that driving the engine when the temperature is not afraid of low fear of low. In fact, the engine temperature is low when the harm is also great. Should be in accordance with the provisions of the car manual operating at normal temperature, in order to ensure the life of the engine.

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